Review of The Glow Up by Cara Malone 

What better way to start my blog back up than with one of my favorite author’s books from the I Heart SapphFic Pride Collection. The Glow up by Cara Malone a happy break from all that has been going on in the world. 

Here is a short blurb about the book:

A coveted summer internship takes a small-town girl to the Windy City, where she’s totally out of her element – and learning who she is for the first time.

Jo’s dreams have always been too big for her small-town Montana life. When she lands a competitive internship in Chicago, her conservative parents worry about letting her go. But it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, sure to change her world.

Hazel is a city girl to the core, absorbing all the culture Chicago has to offer in her quest to make beautiful queer art. When a gorgeous girl in a prairie dress stumbles in front of her scooter during the city’s Pride Parade, it’s almost vehicular manslaughter at first sight – but Hazel acts in the nick of time and winds up with a clueless baby gay in her lap.

Meeting Hazel and her friends unveils a world Jo never imagined, as well as parts of herself she’s long kept hidden. But first loves are doomed to end, and the summer won’t last forever. Jo’s parents expect her to return to her life in Montana, sacrificing the new family she’s found with Hazel. Can she go home again?

What begins as a traffic accident evolves into a smoldering attraction in this romance full of pride, found family and the glow-up of a lifetime.

The Glow Up is a cute new adult romance that will have you hooked from the beginning. Jo falls right into Hazel’s lap in the middle of the Chicago Pride Parade and leads her on a Cinderellaesque hunt. Jo quickly discovers she is interested in women and Hazel in particular. 

I enjoyed how the book focused more on the happy parts of the girl’s lives instead of being super angsty. I consider this book to be super low angst while still keeping enough drama to keep you wanting more. 

I would recommend The Glow Up to anyone who likes New Adult romance as well as low angst romance. 

The Glow Up is available on Kindle Unlimited by clicking here.

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